Our Eyecare

More than just a sight test...

Eye Test

Private Eye Examination

For those not eligible for NHS care, this eye examination can be tailored to your needs.  At a minimum, it will check your vision as well as the general health of you eyes and provide a prescription for glasses, if required.  You can  also access our enhanced examinations where digital retinal imagary is taken and fully explained. 


NHS Sight Test

The NHS Funded sight test is available to certain eligible groups and at specified intervals.  You may upgrade to our enhanced examination for a supplementary fee.  Please see our NHS page for more details.

Eye Test Glasses

Ortho - K

This is a specialist type of contact lens fitting which corrects your myopia (short sight) while you sleep. It can also be used as  an effective method of myopia control.

Myopia control

Myopia control is a treatment that aims to slow down or halt the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children and young adults. We offer myopia control in the form of ortho-K and specialist soft contact lenses including MiSight. These treatments are not currently available on the NHS and are not offered by all optical practices, so we are very proud to be able to offer this at elizabeth pope opticians.

colorimetry lenses and table.JPG

Colorimetry Assessment

Visual stress is a condition which can contribute to reading difficulties in children and adults, including those with dyslexia, even if vision is otherwise normal. Scientific research has shown that in some people, the symptoms of visual stress (which include words moving around on the page and the page appearing too bright) can be alleviated by the use of coloured overlays or coloured lenses in their glasses. This can therefore improve comfort and reading speed. The optimal colour is unique to each individual and can be assessed with a special instrument called an Intuitive Colorimeter. A full sight test is recommended before undergoing this assessment, to ensure that any other visual factors are taken into account.


Contact Lens Fitting

This is a series of appointments which will include assessing your suitability for contact lenses and a discussion of the most suitable lens type for you. Trial contact lenses will be placed on the eye and the fit and vision assessed. You will be given instruction on how to insert, remove and care for your lenses, and depending on the lens type, will be provided with lenses to practice with at home. A follow up appointment will then be scheduled, during which, any adjustments to the lens type or prescription can be made. Once both yourself and the optometrist are happy with the lenses, you will be given the option to sign up to our contact lens scheme or purchase on an ad hoc basis. An up to date spectacle prescription is needed before booking this appointment.

Contact Lens Check

This is an appointment for existing contact lens wearers, to check whether you are still wearing the optimum prescription and lens type, and to check the health of the cornea and external eye.

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Emergency Examination

This is for those who have an urgent eye condition such as recent onset of flashes and floaters, red eye, or unexplained eye pain, but do not need a sight test. There is unfortunately no NHS funding for optical practices in the Bristol area to provide this service, but we will be happy to see you for a private fee and provide advice and onward referral if appropriate.

Alternatively, if you have an eye emergency, Bristol Eye Hospital have an A&E department which is open Mon-Sun 8.30-4.30pm and can be contacted on 0117 342 4613.