NHS Entitlements

Elizabeth Pope Opticians offer both NHS and private eye examinations. Many people are entitled to free NHS examinations through age, low income or on medical grounds. Please note that the NHS examination is limited and you may be recommended to have other procedures at an additional cost eg. retinal screening, full field examination, tear assessment. Please ask for details.

The eligible categories for NHS examination are:

Age related

  • Under 16

  • Under 19 in full time education

  • Over 60

At risk of or suffering from disease

  • Patients with glaucoma

  • Patients with diabetes

  • Aged 40 or older with a family history of glaucoma in a parent, brother or sister, or child

  • You are considered at risk of glaucoma by an ophthalmologist

  • You have been prescribed with complex lenses

  • You are registered blind

  • You are registered partially sighted

Income based

  • You or your partner has a valid HC2

  • You or your partner receive Income Support or Pension Guaranteed Credit

  • You or your partner receive Working Families' Tax Credit

  • You or your partner receive Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

  • You or your partner receive income related employment support allowance (ESA)

If you do not fall into one of the above categories but feel you might be eligible for NHS help because of low income, please ask us for an HC1 form which you can send off to apply for NHS treatment.

We are now obliged to ask for proof of entitlement to NHS eye examinations.

For age related claims, proof of date of birth (birth certificate/passport) will be requested, and if under 19 in full time education a letter from school or college confirming full time attendance.

For income based claims, you should show your entitlement card or passbook.

Should you not be able to show proof, you will still be allowed to claim entitlement, but we have to note on the claim that proof has not been seen and checks will be made by the Health Authority.

Help with the cost of spectacles and contact lenses under the NHS

If you are entitled to a free NHS examination you may also be entitled to some help with the costs of new spectacles or contact lenses under the NHS voucher system. This applies if you are

  • under 16

  • under 19 in full time education

  • Claiming NHS treatment on low income grounds

If you are unsure, please ask for help from any staff member or follow the link below to the NHS website.

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